Stefan Alexander

Board game design



Group birds into flocks and help them find their way back to their nest. You play groups of birds from your hand to help pick up new birds - but you're also creating larger and larger flocks on the table which others can pick up.

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King Chocolate

The fruit of the cacao tree goes through six steps to become chocolate. You can control only a few of these steps, so you must work with your fellow chocolate makers to keep the chocolate flowing through the production chain. King Chocolate has very simple rules, with hidden depth in monopolising the production chain and getting other players to do your work for you.

Area 51: Top Secret

Welcome to 1950s USA — the era of huge cars, rock 'n' roll, and alien activity! You'll build specialized storage facilities to store alien artifacts - but once it comes time to store those artifacts, you might find yourself storing them in other players' facilities as well.